vBay Marketing

vBay doesn’t just provide a website, we help you to make it successful and provide a return on investment. We aim to make your vBay store a tool for both your business and for veganism.

We know that your business is crucial to the expansion of veganism, we want a huge network of vBay owners across the UK, so we must assist you to be successful.

So, we offer various marketing services, to assist the success of your vBay store.

Free Marketing Material

As part of your setup fee, we include an A6 Flyer, A4 poster and a Business Card design, for you to print off and use in store, for your customers, so they can see you have an eCommerce store to review products and purchase.

Make your choice as to what you have printed and use in store.

Place a few posters around your store, flyers at the till and give out business cards. Simple!

Happy Cow App

We submit your vBay store to Happy Cow, as a separate entry, using a vBay logo, coupled with your business name and contact details. This is free of charge and helps people to see your site, in the local area, when they browse Happy Cow. A great way to bring new users to your site, for free!

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are crucial in any business that is online., simple because it maintains a digital connection to existing customers, bringing them back to your website, instigating browsing and sales.

This is ideal to promote discount codes, promotional products and any deals available to the consumer.

vBay can email your eCommerce newsletter registered customers on a regular basis, to assist bringing site views and generating sales.

This is not free and we chargeable service, for a universal email that we use for all our customers who will take advantage of this cost effective and effective marketing strategy.

Our Pricing

Email Marketing Strategy

We take care of keeping in contact with your customers, so you don't have to!

FREE! with a vBay eCommerce package

One Easy Step

It’s that simple, let us take care of your email marketing, bringing existing registered customers, back to your store, regularly