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Facebook Ads is the best form of social media advertising you can do for your business, to increase traffic to your vBay site, gaining you new business and expanding your local customer base.

We provide an effective Facebook Video Ads solution, where we target your local area only and drive relevant traffic to your vBay store.


Our Adverts:

Targeted Advertising

With a Facebook Ads advert, we can target who see's the advert and where. This is very important for a successful return on investment, by localizing your advert

We will make sure your spend is optimized, so you get only local customers who seek the products and service you require.

This requires management, as each advert requires setting up and then regular management, to eliminate any issues and zone in on the customers you want, in say a 15 mile radius, with a population of 75,000 people

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about vBay and what we provide, hopefully we have answered them here, for you. If not, please contact us via the contact page, we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

No, you don’t need a Facebook Ads campaign, but we seriously advise having one, because this is a tried and tested, successful strategy, to generate new business via social media!

Facebook Ads is the best digital marketing solution to target specific customers. Facebook has billions of users, around 80% of the UK population have a Facebook profile, locally that is a large number of potential new customers, who will see your advert, so they visit your vBay store.

The result being, consumers know you exist, where to locate you and what they can buy from you, for how much. the fundamentals of business.

You will simply see the traffic coming to your store via Google Analytics reporting

Our Pricing

Facebook Ads Management

Use our experience and knowledge to bring local consumers to your new vBay eCommerce store, quickly and cost effectively!


Included with your vBay eCommerce package

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Making your Facebook Ads campaign simple, easy, cost effective and profitable!