Rentable eCommerce

Cost and cash flow is always an issue to small businesses, that and time. vBay helps you with both.

We have created a single eCommerce store, filled with vegan food, sports nutrition, personal care and household products, totaling around 600 x products from 55 x brands, which we can copy to a vBay sub-domain of your own, for you to rent and benefit from, for your own business.

You can rent this website for a fraction of the cost it took to build, saving around £15,000 in build costs. If you were self building, a vBay store of your own, will save you around 500 hours of work!

Having a vBay store, is a win win situation, for yourself and your customers, read on to find out why!

Order In Click & Collect

Wholesalers stock thousands of products for businesses to sell to their customers. It is near impossible to stock every single product and even supermarkets don’t stock everything. So many great gourmet or niche products are available, but your customers are unaware they’re available through your business!

This is where vBay provides your business with a solution to your customers, so they can order online, for either click and collect or an order in & collect service.

You will be opening up your product portfolio and attracting new clients, as well as increasing business with existing clients. Various wholesalers provide products in single items, split from cases, this depends on your wholesaler, but gives you the opportunity to order in goods for your customers, providing a personal shopping experience.

Products On vBay

We have added most of the best products available on the market, from national or regional wholesale distributors, which consumers would love to have supplied locally to them. Here are some of the main products. See below the products and categories we have provided, to get you started in your eCommerce journey.

Vegan Food Products

We have selected some of the finest vegan products available, that consumers demand, but struggle to find. Now they can via your own vBay store.

Click image to view available products


Consumers new to healthy eating and veganism, require an introduction to available wholefoods. Your vBay store can give them access to available products and pricing

Click image to view available products

Sports Nutrition

Plant based proteins are all the rage now, in the sports nutrition market, local consumers and customers will appreciate the broad range available through your vBay store.

Click image to view available products

Personal Care Products

Conscious consumers love natural ingredients, cruelty free and fair trade personal care products. vBay has added some of the best brands available, providing high quality at an affordable price.

Click image to view available products

Household Products

The same goes for household products as it does for personal care products, eco friendly, fair trade, cruelty free and high quality. Only the best brands available.

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Site Features

An eCommerce store should provide an efficient user experience and also provide marketing tools to generate business.

Site navigation is important for a user, so they can browse the site easily. vBay has provided a good user experience via the super filter.

Site features are important, to satisfy consumer demand for savings on their shopping bills. Specials, discount codes and a rewards system, can provide the tools required to keep customers returning to your store and making purchases.

vBay comes with a side super filter, to provide a professional user experience for your customers. They can seek out specific products quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturers provide discounts on their products via monthly promotions, supermarkets pass on these promotions, it’s a fantastic promotional tool to increase sales, with a vBay store, you can now promote these to your local consumers.

Setup a promotional discount code, to offer a whole order discount. Another great marketing tool to generate orders.

To increase return customers and repeat orders, you can offer a reward system. Every product is given a points reward and points value. So you can offer a 5% of product value, as a reward. The reward points total up and are redeemable off any future orders.

Another amazing marketing strategy that will encourage repeat business.

Payment Types

Payment types are important to understand, we have used the best payments available and if you require another, we can work with you to provide a solution.

Paypal Standard Payments is included with your vBay store. Consumers know and trust this method of payment in eCommerce stores. A must have for any business.

Stripe provide a simple to use, onsite credit card payment, so your customers can easily pay for their orders, combined with our high level SSL certificate, securely.

We an add your business bank account, for an additional fee. Each bank is different in how they integrate with eCommerce. We can discuss your requirement and provide a development fee cost, to add your bank payment, if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about vBay and what we provide, hopefully we have answered them here, for you. If not, please contact us via the contact page, we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Yes. You can log in to your admin panel and add products. We can assist you with this, for a fee payable at an hourly rate

Sure, you can access product pricing in the admin panel, adjust to your requirements.

Yes, you can access products via the admin panel and adjust stock quantities as required.

Yes, contact us via the contact page and we will send you the link to access the demo admin panel.

We offer a basic support, which includes a how to manual for your access in your admin panel.

If you require a higher level of support, this is chargeable at an hourly rate.

For any extra works, such as adding products, bespoke development and setup or advanced support, we charge an hourly rate of £20

No, you are not contractually bound to your vBay store. You can cancel at any time, we only require 7 days before the monthly rental payment is due.

Yes. A small fee of 2.5% is charged per order placed. We use this to assist with our marketing efforts, building vBay brand awareness, which will assist you and your vBay eCommerce store.

vBay Demo Store

The best way to discover what vBay is, is to see a demo store, which is the exact same store you can purchase and rent for your business.

Just remember that the site and the products can be adjusted and changed to your requirements, we can help you with that and make your store unique.

All we have created is a really good head start for you, saving you time and money

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vBay eCommerce Solution Costs


We must setup your vBay eCommerce store, the eCommerce shop, email account, payment accounts, database, hosting and many other requirements.

Setup Fee = £100


Rental fee includes the costs for hosting, site backend maintenance, site security updates, SSL security and basic customer support. Includes vBay marketing

Monthly Rental Fee =
£150 + 2.5% commission per order

One Easy Step

We make having your own eCommerce store simple, all you have to do is purchase the setup and we will contact you to take care of the rest. Having you online, ready to sell, in record time.