We Connect
Small Businesses
to Vegan Consumers

Through our very cost effective range of digital marketing solutions that provide small businesses huge savings on professional services, with fantastic results.

Assisting small businesses to increase walk in traffic, using technology and marketing solutions, to acquire new and repeat business



What is vBay?



vBay offer you a rentable eCommerce website, worth £10,000, complete with 600+ vegan products, from 55 brands, for a small monthly rental fee.

We provide your business with an extremely cost effective means to have your own e-Commerce store, so your customers can browse products available to them, via your business. They can order online, you then order from wholesalers, once delivered in store, contact the customer to collect in store.


We help you to promote your vBy eCommerce store to your existing clients. We don’t just want you to rent an eCommerce store and leave you to it, we want you to be successful and to assist vegan expansion in the UK.

Google Ads Management

Do you want new customers? The fastest way to get them is using a vBay store and advertising to the tens of thousands of consumers in your area, that use Google search engine. We know how to achieve a good return on digital marketing investment.

Facebook Ads Management

The best targeted advertising there is out there, using keywords, interests and location, results are cost effective and rapid. With the right setup, you can increase your business, easily. We can provide you with our experience and knowledge, meaning your return on investment yield is healthy.


vBay for your Businesses



Larger corporations have increased their vegan consumer business, causing small business health stores a loss of walk in business. Consumers today, use the internet for their shopping, be it Google or social media. If you are not online with a digital marketing strategy, you risk being left behind and a continuous and gradual loss of business.

vBay Solution

vBay can help you to maintain your customer base and generate new ones, by showcasing the amazing vegan products that you can provide, via your own eCommerce store, for consumers to browse, order, collect or have delivered locally.

vBay for Consumers


Consumer Trends

Consumers demand online browsing of products & pricing, to make a decison to trade with businesses. With a vBay eCommerce store of your own, you will provide the means to access products consumers struggle to source, via the comfort of their PC, tablet or mobile phone. Essentially, bringing your business a level of professionalism, required by today’s consumers.

The Solution

Consumers are tired of searching multiple stores for vegan products, ordering from multiple websites and awaiting deliveries, they demand a local one stop shop, which you can provide them with via a vBay eCommerce package.

Consumer Feedback

Feedback on vBay, by consumers, has been very positive and they cannot wait for you to make their lives much easier. It’s just up to you to start your online eCommerce & digital marketing journey and help your business to thrive.

Our services

We don’t just make websites and leave you to it, we do a whole lot more…

eCommerce Store

We fully host your ready to sell, 600+ product vBay store and manage your website on our server, so you don't have to, all included in a monthly rental fee.

vBay Marketing

We provide a range of marketing services, to support your vBay store in generating business with existing and new customers

Google Ads

Creation and management of a Google Search advert for your local area, to achieve new business. Google Ads is the key to success from search engine site traffic.

Facebook Ads

Creation and management of a Facebook advert for your local area, to achieve new business. Facebook Ads is the leader in targeted Social Media advertising.

Our Customers

vBay is for anyone who want’s to provide a local service to consumers, so they can source vegan products, all from one place.

Our customers can vary, ideally for the following:

Health Food Stores
Vegan Shops
Vegan/Veggie Restaurants/Cafes